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Ready to Ship - One of a kind


This terling silver pendant features an amethyst disc and a delicate cut out which allows light to shine through and show the beautiful transparency of these stones.


In ancient times, amethysts were considered as precious as diamonds and adorned the crowns and jewellery of royalty. They were believed to symbolize power, protection, and luxury.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, amethysts are also renowned for their calming properties. Ancient Greeks believed that wearing or carrying an amethyst could ward off feelings of anxiety and promote inner peace, earning them the nickname « the stone of tranquility ».

Soothing Amethyst pendant

  • Please handle the pendant with care, as the stone is delicate and may crack if knocked or exposed to extreme temperatures or total immersion in water.

    Please refer to the care guide in the FAQ section listed below for full details on caring for your pendant.

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