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Ready to Ship - One of a kind


This beautiful piece of fossilised wood is set in an open-backed Sterling Silver setting with 18 carat gold claws. 


I love fossilised wood as its organic origin combined with the passage of time creates a fascinating blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

Each piece tells a story of ancient forests and geological processes, adding depth and intrigue to the jewelry.

Fossilised wood pendant

  • Necklace length: 45-50 Centimetres. Please get in touch if you would prefer a different length; Pendant height: 3.8 Centimetres; Pendant width: 2 Centimetres
  • Please handle the pendant with care, as the stone is delicate and may crack if knocked or exposed to extreme temperatures or total immersion in water.

    Please refer to the care guide in the FAQ section listed below for full details on caring for your pendant.

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