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One of a kind brooch made from enamelled and patinated copper, set in sterling silver.


The Alchemy collection comes to life through a meticulous process involving copper sheet and tubes, white enamel (composed of pigmented powdered glass), and sterling silver.


Enamel is delicately sifted onto copper, using a torch to fuse the enamel with the copper. This is repeated multiple times, allowing a transformative alchemical process where the hidden copper oxides emerge beneath the pristine white enamel. The result is an array of captivating hues, ranging from lush greens to mesmerising blues, and even hints of silver. Our settings are meticulously crafted from Sterling Silver, using sheet and wire or recycled silver for all the hand-forged nails.

No two pieces will ever experience the same fiery dance of colors or develop an identical patina.


Due to the delicate nature of the enamel and the patina, these should not be in contact with any chemicals or water.

Alchemy Moon brooch

  • Brooch height: 30 Centimetres; Brooch width: 30 Centimetres
  • Enamel is a delicate material and should be treated with care. It is not appropriate for daily use and should be kept away from water, creams or cleaning products. It is advisable to store your enamel jewellery in its’ original packaging to avoid it being knocked and chipped. Please refer to the care guide in the FAQ section listed below for full care instructions.
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