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The Alchemy collection is crafted from copper sheet and tubes, white enamel (pigmented powdered glass) and sterling silver. 


The shapes are cut out of copper sheet or tube, before being filed to remove any rough edges. Enamel is then sifted onto the copper before heating it with a torch (firing) until the enamel fuses to the copper.

The process is repeated multiple times to allow the copper oxides to show through the white enamel, creating beautiful hues of green, blue and even silver.

The pieces are then left to develop a green patina in a verdigris solution for 1-2 weeks. And finally a coat of wax is applied to seal the colour.

This process ensures each piece is truly unique as no two pieces will ever fire the same way or develop the same patina.


The settings are then created in Sterling Silver, either from sheet and wire or from recycled silver for all the hand forged nails.

Finally, liver of sulphur is used to blacken the top the tiny nails.


The pieces in this collection were made using the ancient techniques of etching & oxidation to achieve the look and texture of medallions. Inspired by ancient adornments and recovered artifacts from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, each piece is hand finished and unique.

Sterling Silver & 24ct gold leaf

Sterling Silver

star struck

Islamic decorative patterns rely on the use of recurring motifs or "tessellations". Built from a combination of geometric shapes, these are interlaced to form intricate patterns which can be associated with notions of infinity as they expand indefinitely. This collection uses the 8-pointed star which began to appear in the Middle Ages and is referred to as as khatim or khatim-sulayman, meaning "seal of the prophets".

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