This collection was born from experimenting with colouring metals using enamels and patina. Each piece is hand finished, set in sterling silver and unique.



The pieces in this collection were made using the ancient techniques of etching & oxidation to achieve the look and texture of medallions. Inspired by ancient adornments and recovered artifacts from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, each piece is hand finished and unique.

Sterling Silver & 24ct gold leaf


Sterling Silver


star struck

Islamic decorative patterns rely on the use of recurring motifs or "tessellations". Built from a combination of geometric shapes, these are interlaced to form intricate patterns which can be associated with notions of infinity as they expand indefinitely. This collection uses the 8-pointed star which began to appear in the Middle Ages and is referred to as as khatim or khatim-sulayman, meaning "seal of the prophets".


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